Does this sound like you?

"I never used to yell. I would love to get back to the Mom I used to be."

"I feel like I ask and ask and they don't do what I ask until I yell."

"I want to be calm when my 3 kiddos are pushing my buttons. I turn into scary mommy. Help!"

If so, then you've found the help you need.

Introducing the Stop Yelling Formula:

The Stop Yelling Formula has 5 simple steps that you can do in less than a week. Say goodbye to shouty spectacles and hello to a calmer new you and closer relationships with your kids.

"My biggest aha was learning how to center myself before I react. I recommend it 100%!"—Brooke


If you're losing your cool too much...

...then you KNOW the reasons why you want to stop:

  • Yelling scares kids. It makes them go into fight-flight-or-freeze, cutting off the frontal cortex part of their brain, so they can't learn in that moment.
  • Yelling trains kids not to listen until you raise your voice.
  • Yelling teaches kids to yell! We've shown them that shouting is how you get your way.
  • Yelling causes kids to resent us, and children rarely trust and listen to people they resent.
  • Yelling practically guarantees that they’ll have an “attitude” by the time they’re ten, and that fights will be the norm during their teen years. We lose our influence with them just when we need it most.

But it's not as easy as a simple choice.

You're not "choosing" to shout. Your reactivity comes from your upbringing & your biology, not your choices.

Stop Yelling Formula's 5 steps are based on Neuroscience

Understanding the nervous system biology behind yelling is the first step in gaining control over your reactions. By moving through these 5 steps, you can rewire your brain's responses to stressful situations with your child, (finally!) model calm, and use your whole brain to parent.

When you sign up, you'll receive:

  • Six neuroscience-based video or audio lessons (short enough to fit into your day!)
  • The exclusive Stop Yelling Formula workbook
  • Reusable guided mindfulness tools that are parent-tested to lower your reactivity

"Before this course, I was trying to stop and yet yelling more than I wanted. Do it! It's worth it!" —Irina


Hello! I'm Hunter Clarke-Fields

I created this course because I needed it! I needed more than the pithy advice to just "take a breath" before yelling.

Through years of study, I know it's NOT your fault that you shout—your reactivity is shaped by your upbringing, your nervous system and other factors. But it is your RESPONSIBILITY as the adult to calm down and model healthy emotional regulation. Stop Yelling Formula will help you do that. 

I’ve successfully helped thousands of stressed-out parents stop yelling and create peaceful, loving homes. I’m also the host the Mindful Parenting podcast and author of the international best-seller, Raising Good Humans and Raising Good Humans Every Day.

If you're ready to stop yelling, Stop Yelling Formula is your best bet!

What People Have Said:

“It is a great program to develop an awareness of your triggers for yelling and a plan for how to deal with them"—Daniella


“If you are an overwhelmed mama, I highly recommend Hunter's course. As magical as motherhood can be, it's also constantly demanding and deeply triggering. If you didn't learn the skills and develop the habits of mindful self and relationship care in your own childhood, then you need to take this course!” —Rebecca 

“Definitely go for it! You can take steps to improve relationships with your children and it can be more peaceful in your house!"—Rachel

“If you are a mom who wants to create more peace and ease in your life and relationship with your child, Hunter will be an amazing mentor for you. She has been where you are now, and she knows what you are going through. She will be able to guide you through the actions and work necessary to get the results.”—Danielle 

“Do it! Its worth it!"—Irina

“Hunter helps remind mothers that they are so much more than ‘just’ moms. Her program helps them to reconnect with themselves and find inner peace amongst the chaos of their full and busy lives. What mama doesn’t need more of that?” —Kelly

In 1 week, you can finally stop shouting and create the strong, connected relationships you've always wanted.

What are you waiting for?

Stop Yelling Formula: a Calmer You & Happer Family

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I feel crushed for time as it is. Will I be able to fit the lessons and the practices in my day?

A. Each lesson is designed for a busy parent to take in. They are all less than 30 minutes, with many closer to 10 minutes. Each lesson is in video or audio format, so you can fit it into your day. The mindfulness practice is designed to be small enough to fit into a busy mom's day. Ten minutes of your time is all it takes to get the amazing benefits!

Q. I'm a working mom. What if I can't make time for the lessons? 

A. You will have access to the Stop Yelling Formula video lessons, audio lessons, workbook, and bonuses for life. Take your time!

Q. How long do I have access to the course? 

A. Indefinitely!

I believe in our innate compassion. And I believe in getting training and support in this...for your relationship with your child.

Don't wait anymore. You're worth it. Your families' worth it. In just one week, you can turn it all around. I invite you to enroll in The Stop Yelling Formula today.  

With warmth and lovingkindness,